Dublin Cuisine

Dublin cuisine can be classified into traditional food and modern food. The traditional cuisine is generally served in pubs, while the modern cuisine is generally served in restaurants. Potato is the major ingredient in traditional dishes, while the non-vegetarian meals are no less popular in the city.

If you can afford to stretch your travel budget, Dublin offers many fine restaurants that serve high-quality mouth-watering food. But if you are on a very limited budget, you can easily find restaurants and cafes that serve soups and salads to energize your tired body.

Potato-based dishes

Colcannon is one popular traditional dish. In the earlier times, wild garlic was used as the base of this cuisine. Recently, however, it is prepared primarily from potato. Preparation requires items such as curly kale, chopped scallions, and cabbage.


Boxty is another famous traditional Dublin food prepared of potato. Dubliners also consume the fried potato farls with much delight. They also love to have the Irish stew for lunch. In general, the people of Dublin like boiled dishes. They consider dishes prepared from tomato and cabbage to be good for the health.

Non-vegetarian cuisine


The coddle, a popular non-vegetarian Dublin cuisine, is a variety of sausage that is prepared from boiled pork. It is tasty, nourishing, warming, and economical. What more could you ask? Bacon, egg, cod, shellfish, and salmon are used in numerous other Dublin foods. People of Dublin also like corned beef and pudding.

International cuisine

East European, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, West African, and Indian dishes have become popular in Dublin. As it has embraced multiculturalism, a number of ethnic restaurants have mushroomed across the city. You can now sample some of these dishes in fast food centers located in the various corner and nook of Dublin.

With the arrival of international dishes, you can now find pizza and curry dishes with much ease. The modern Dublin restaurants serve both the local cuisine and foreign cuisine to attract tourists from different parts of the world. These restaurants often cater for both meat lovers and vegetarians. Most pubs in the city provide excellent Dublin cuisine and energetic atmospheres, soaking up the city’s friendly atmosphere.