Many tourists have the notion that fashion in Dublin, Ireland is characterized by working class clothing typically seen in pubs. True, Dublin is not as fashionable as Paris or Milan or London, but Dubliners are increasingly becoming more stylish than ever. The Dublin Fashion Week sets the trend of what is hot and what is not.

Dubliners are becoming more creative and bolder in the way they put their outfits together. They have become focused on what they really want and they are more critical of their purchases. When you visit Dublin, or any other city, do not overdo your fashion statement. Learn to edit your wardrobe and approach fashion with the freshest eye. Do not pack in ill-fitting clothes and take them instead to a local charity store.

Accessories are also very important elements of Dublin fashion, as seen in the 2009 Dublin Fashion Week. Accessories should not hurt your wallet as inexpensive ones can still give your favorite outfit a fresh lift. Wearing a simple yet elegant black dress and bright red shoes adds an edge.


Fashionista or not, surprise yourself and go out of your comfort zone. Dublin fashion is all about fun so wear something that reflects your true self. You can go for crazy colors and shapes, but make sure that they are pleasing to the eyes.