The busy markets in Dublin form a significant part of the Irish way of life. We highly recommend that you visit a Dublin market to get into the heart of the city. The colorful and exciting marketplaces give you a great opportunity to find the best bargains. Goods range from DVDs and CDs, to antiques and books, to clothes, plants, and food. Here are some must-visit Dublin markets:

Art Market

The Art Market is located at Merrion Square, just across the National Gallery. Local artists and painters display their work here every weekend.

Blackberry Fair

The Blackberry Fair is located at 42 Rathmines Road in Lower Dublin. This is one of the city’s last flea markets. It is filled with a wide range of items, from records to furniture to books..

Blackrock Market

Located at 19a Main Street, this weekend Dublin market is one of the most popular and best run markets in Ireland. Enclosed in a courtyard, the trendy Blackrock sells alternative fashions, paintings, pots, antiques, mirrors, Navajo dream catchers, scented candles, and more.

Camden Street Food Market

You will find here flowers, fruit, vegetables, sports gear and more at very low market prices. The road in this genuine working street market selling is not pedestrianized, so do not be surprised to see stalls cramming onto the pavement.

George’s Arcade

This Dublin market is located at South Great George’s Street. It has great fruit and veggie stands that sell fresh produce. Stores also sell exotic foodstuffs, wine, second-hand books, CDs and records, inexpensive jewelry, new as well as used clothes, and lots more.

Moore Street Market

The Moore Street Market is located just off Henry Street. This is perhaps the city’s most popular outdoor market where tourists congregate to eat, drink, have fun, and shop ‘till they drop. Dublin stores sell fresh fruit and veggies, cheap jewelry, cigarette lighters, sports gear, Dublin cuisine, and many more. The Moore Street market is the perfect place to experience the city’s rich tapestry and hear north Dublin accents.

Temple Bar Food Market

If you are looking for a Dublin market that sells fresh food, the Temple Bar Food Market is the place to be. Situated at Meeting House Square in Temple Bar, it houses some of the best Dublin shops.  It is open every Saturday from 9:30 am to 5 pm and sells a wide variety of food, including olives, cheeses, fresh fruit and veggies, fish, meat, and cakes.