When going to a foreign city for a holiday, it is a very god idea to know the host’s local customs and etiquette to avoid looking like an outsider. In general, Dublin is a very laidback city that healthily discounts nitpicking rules and authority. You can expect that the Dublin customs and etiquette are the same as those in their counterparts in Europe.

Dress codes

People of Dublin rarely follow dress codes. It is uncommon for restaurants in the city to impose a dress code. In fact even the classiest and most luxurious establishments accept smart but casual clothing. There are, however, buildings that impose strict dress codes. If you are going to a place of worship, wear something appropriate so as not to offend people.

Do not walk around in a revealing dress when the social rule is to cover yourself up. Doing so would do you no good as it is considered extremely disrespectful of the local people’s beliefs. Such behavior is a disregard to Dublin customs.

Eating out

Only the most basic table manners are necessary when eating out in Dublin. That is, unless you are with a person or a group of persons that have a specific definition regarding what is appropriate what is not. The rule of thumb in eating out is this: so long as you and your companion(s) do not make a show of yourselves by disturbing other customers, there is little to worry about.

Also, do not be surprised if someone takes the vacant seat and joins you while eating. Remember, Dubliners are highly social beings. They have great sense of humor and are among the friendliest people in Europe.


Like in other cities, tipping in Dublin is the norm, but at a much lower rate. Most top-class restaurants has a service charge of around 10% to 15%. If this is the case, you do not have to tip. Otherwise, you can tip up to 10% if their service is acceptable. In pubs, however, tipping usually is not customary. Tourists commonly tip taxi drivers 10% and hotel porters also expect to be given a tip of €1 per bag at the most.

Tip: Adjust

Often, tourists are unwilling to immerse themselves in their new culture. Many of them want to keep their customs and for the host city to adjust to their needs. Do not be like this kind of tourists. Go with the flow. Follow Dublin customs and you will feel the very essence of your travel.