When to Visit Dublin ?

Visit Dublin to see for yourself its beautiful museums and churches, its striking castles, and the magnificent Georgian architecture, Dublin definitely will not disappoint. Enjoy the city’s colorful shops and lively nightlife and you will yourself having the time of your life. Dublin vacations can be very exciting and vibrant. But you will enjoy the city more if you know when to go to Dublin.

Weather dublin-raining

Weather is one of the most important factors tourists consider when they go to Dublin. For one, the city has an unpredictable weather. Locals carry umbrellas even if the weather is sunny as rain showers come at unexpected times.

The driest time of year is February from July, with an average of around 2 in/5 cm of rain each month. The month of December is often the wettest. The good month to go to the city is August, where sun shines most of the time. But you have to share the good weather with flocks of tourists.


Dublin has few extremes of cold or hot weather. July is often the warmest month, with an average temperature of about 15 C/60 F. The months of January and February are the coldest, with an average temperature of around 4 C/40 F.

There are also snow falls but this weather phenomenon only occurs only a few days every at most. But remember, you do not travel to this happy city for the weather, but to experience what it has to offer. Whatever the weather is, be it Dublin winter, find time to enjoy your stay in Dublin.

Seasons snowing-dublin

Although you can visit Dublin at any time of year, the period from Easter to autumn is the most popular time. The city gets dark quite early during winter. Because of this, numerous Dublin attractions, including museums and shops close early.

Dublin is not known for its sunny weather, but when the sun shines, people flock to the beer gardens and the ale flows. The summer season will obviously provide you with the best weather, but a Dublin vacation during the spring season can also be nice.


Visit Dublin in time for festivals. One of the most popular celebrations in the city is Saint Patrick’s Day, held every March 17. Throngs of visitors celebrate with parades and bands and a lot of merry drinking. If you are a film buff, the city also hosts a film festival in April. In July, there is a music festival where music lovers head to Punchtown.

Many food lovers out there are eager to know when to go to Dublin. The Taste of Dublin festival, held between June 14 and 17 is an amazing celebration of Dublin’s finest food and drink. The city’s most well-known chefs and restaurants gather in the gorgeous surroundings of the Iveagh Gardens.