In recent years, Dublin has become a popular holiday hotspot. Why not? Almost everything a tourist could ask for is here: stunning scenery, rich history, warm locals, and great beer. And too often, the difficult part of the travel is coming up with a Dublin itinerary. Below are suggested Dublin itineraries, depending on the length of your stay:

1-3 days

Start your tour in the city center, where your hotel or hostel is likely located. Visit Dublin Castle, the National Museum, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, and St. Patrick’s Green. Great shopping also awaits you on Grafton Street.

Our suggested itineraries for this amount of time can also include the Dublin Writer’s Museum, the Ha’penny Bridge, as well the Temple Bar, one of city’soldest pubs. These are only some of the top Dublin attractions, and a walking tour can easily take two or three days. If you want to see other Dublin treasures, plan to stay longer and extend your Dublin itinerary.

4-7 days

If you’ve got 4 to 7 days in Dublin, you might also want to steal some side trips to surrounding towns and cities. Head west to see coastal fishing villages that have an old-world feel.

One of the more popular fishing villages in Ireland is Dunmore East. A 30-minute drive from King John’s Castle is all it takes to get to this splendid village. We are telling you, it will be worth your visit. Move northwest and will find the beautiful city of Cork. The Ring of Kerry and Blarney Castle are also popular among tourists.

7 or more days

Many tourists who have a week or more to spend in their Dublin vacations try to see most of Ireland, thanks to its small size. If you have all the time, we suggest you visit Belfast. Although it was plagued by conflicts in the past, the present Belfast is much more peaceful and is on continuous rise. Also try to find time to visit the countryside, where an entirely different Dublin awaits you.

Your Dublin itinerary can be very exhilarating, whether you are spending a weekend, a long weekend, or an entire week or more. So plan your itineraries in Dublin well in advance to avoid any hassle that may come your way.