Summer is the best time to go to Dublin. Although the city is wet and cold most of the year, the summer months are very pleasant. Your Dublin summer vacation would be a memorable one as the city offers the most beautiful sights you will ever see and the greatest experience you will ever have.

Walking Dublin’s streets is a great way to feel out the city and the fun-loving Dubliners. Wander into the stores, dodge the traffic, stroll Dublin-Students-Dublin Citydown alleys, strike up conversations with people at a nice pub, and speak with old gentlemen on the bridge overlooking the River Liffey. Feel the heartbeat of the city. It has its own body and blood, a unique personality.

Consider these possibilities in spending your Dublin summer: survey of historical sites, brisk walks in parks and gardens for health buffs, appreciation of literary Dublin, awesome views of the coast and hills, and a leisurely walk that lets you look at the daily life in the ‘burbs.

Also trek around Dublin castles and down waterways. When your feet give up, you can always hail a cab or hop on and off rapid transportation.Some tourists prefer to take a bus tour in their first day to get their bearing.

After a day exploring the wonders of Dublin, take a good rest until you are all set to go out and sample the popular Dublin nightlife. Party animals form the flock of tourists who choose to spend their summer in Dublin. The city is very well known for its traditional Irish pubs and clubs.

Dublin is a fine city. Dublin in summer pulses with talk, and energy, art and music, museums and galleries. Dublin is a city reborn, wonderfully so. A popular time in summer to spend your vacation is around St Patrick’s Day, which is at the end of March. Dublin turns into one crazy party city, with festivities that honor the Irish patron saint.

The height of the summer season in the city can get very crowded with tourists from other countries and Irish cities. Prices tend to skyrocket as businesses take advantage of the crowds. Despite the costs, your Dublin summer will be a great vacation.