Those who spend Dublin winter are keen to raise a glass of Guinness and toast this millennium-old city synonymous with the joviality of the Irish tradition and culture. Dublin may be a bit down-at-the-heel in some areas, but the city remains the embodiment of the quintessential Irish spirit.

Most of the foreign tourists flock to Dublin from the month of May to August, a shameless testimonial to the bliss in Dublin during the dublin-winterdamp and dark winter. The winter season is very unpopular for most travelers. It rains, it is cold, and it is raw. What’s more, there is only around 8 hours of light everyday. But Dublin in winter is a good time to go to the city.

From an economic perspective, winter is your best bet to enjoy Dublin. From January to February, and sometimes from March to April, airfares hit rock bottom. You will be surprised at the much cheaper winter hotel rates. In addition, booking the best room, always a nightmare in summer, is fast and easy. Also, Dublin clubs and restaurants are not crowded with tourists.

Your Dublin winter vacation will definitely give you a memorable experience. The notoriously short days and the terrible weather give you all the reasons to visit the museums, bookstores, theaters, and pubs best of all. There is no any better place to be in Dublin, particularly during the winter season, than a pub.

Have a good drink to experience the Dublin pub life. But you can still enjoy it even if you are not into drinking beer. The Dubliners value great conversation so much that very few pubs in the city have TVs. Yes, locals and tourists go to Dublin pubs to drink, but more so to engage in a fun talk. Dublin pubs radiate a character that their European and American counterparts lack.

Never fear if you suddenly see a leprechaun after having a few pints of beer in a pub as it is part of the Dublin winter magic.