Spend weekend in Dublin and you will see, even for a short time, what the fuss is all about. The city is just crazily fantastic, with its fun loving people, beautiful architecture, energetic party life, and other wonderful attractions. Here are some activities we suggest you do:

Watch the sunset at River Liffey

Dublin’s compact center is found right at the river-liffey-sunsetmouth of the River Liffey. This area is a magnet that attracts young people from all over the world, imbuing it with an international and modern finish. Watch the sunset over the Ha’penny Bridge and you will find yourself brimming with emotions.

Survey colorful Georgian architecture

See the city’s gorgeous Georgian architecture in the afternoon. The cloud-dappled light makes the surveying a lot more dramatic. Many buildings have formal and symmetrical styles popular during the 1700s and 1800s. They are known for their colorful and dazzling doors. You might want to begin your tour on Merrion Square.

Learn about Dublin’s music history

Spending a weekend in Dublin is the perfect time to learn something about its rich music history. Due to poor attendance, the Irish Music Hall of Fame closed in 2001, but you can still get a dose of the city’s rock history at the original site of the Windmill Lane Studios. Fans have designed the two-story boarded-up building in a cloud of U2-inspired psychedelic graffiti.

Be merry and drink

Dublin people love to have fun, and fun is not fun when there is no beer to drink. While there is certainly nothing wrong with Guinness, visitors sometimes tend to forget that there are other brands of beer in the city. If you want a different taste, visit the Porterhouse pub, one of Dublin’s amazingly few microbreweries.

Shop, shop, and shop!

Of course, your Dublin weekend would not be complete without shopping. Grafton Street is the most popular shopping district in the city. Here, street musicians, sidewalk artists, and poets greet the tourists. This pedestrianized shopping street is located on Dublin’s southside center. Shopping in the city also focuses on Henry Street on the northside.

Party all night long

Do not spend your weekend in Dublin without experiencing the city’s nightlife. Many tourists crowd the many watering holes in Temple Bar. If you want a cooler scene and taste a different experience, you can find a party area across the River Liffey in Dublin’s International Financial Services Center area. The Vault attracts a rave-like audience with R&B and soul music.